Missouri Assoc of Realtors Want Right to Conceal Known Sex Offender Locations

Another bill that the MAR supports that is now sitting before the same committee as HB 978 is HB 324.

Yes. You read that right.

The same people that want to govern home inspectors on a real estate agent controlled licensing board ALSO want the right to conceal the fact that the home you are purchasing to move into with your five pre-teen daughters has a child molester living next door.

Anything for a sale and to protect the salesman making it.

Perfect opportunity to screw with the system… Find yourself a useful idiot like Lewis Capual who can petition the legislators to consider an amendment to the current proposed bill that would require home inspectors to include the results of a sexual predator query as part of the home inspection report.

If not for us do it for the children ploy almost always works.

Once a bill is proposed our goal should be to help make it unpalatable to most people and inject chaos wherever possible to keep the licensing proponents divided and thinking.

A seller wants to move because a convicted rapist has just moved in next door.

Under this law being pushed by the Missouri Association of Realtors the agent, knowing this, can sell the house to a single mom and her three daughters…without revealing what she knows… so as not to decrease the value of the property or its propensity for sale.

Kinda makes you proud, don’t it?

Truthfully…with all political bantering aside…is this the kind of people who should be writing home inspector legislation, forming home inspection licensing boards, and sitting on home inspection licensing boards?

Should not the home inspector be a disinterested third party to any real estate transaction, reporting on the condition of the structure without any influence by anyone who may have an interest in the outcome of the sale?

Not only should this bill be killed in Missouri, but all legislation in all states influenced or controlled by the real estate sales forces should be repealed.

I just recently discovered (from a lady lawyer) that our state has some funky laws. If a 19 year old soldier is caught with a call girl and convicted, he is a registered sex offender for life (wow).

Guys, I’m gonna confess and throw myself on the mercy of the court. About 29 years ago I got stationed at Hawthorne Nevada one year (by Reno - near the Mustang Ranch). Although not caught and prosecuted, Under my states laws, I could be a sex offender (and I might add a REPEAT sex offender).

You are known for your logical and pertinent statements. I take great offense of your Misnomer “useful” as it pertains to the description of this person.

Hi Frank :cool:

Looks like consumers are becoming concerned, as well they should.