Missouri Home Inspector Licensing Bill SB-651

Here it is folks… Missouri SB 651

Sharpen those fingers for the computer keyboard and let your reps and senators know your feelings about this bill…


and the Missouri House Bill version (HB1291) which if you read is the same as the Senate version.


Interesting, the board has to approve our courses:



Yesterday the Missouri Legislators introduced 2 home inspection licensing bills (Senate = SB-651 and House HB-1291)

The Senate Bill is a Registration Act / About 3 paragraphs long.

The House Bill is mostly a full bore licensing act with 23 Co-Sponsors besides the main sponsor. One of those Co-Sponsors is Representative Michele Kratky (she is the past XO of the St Louis Board of Realtors & her husband Fred is current XO of St Louis Board of Realtors). Also of note the Committee hearing the house bill is the **“Professional Registration & Licensing Committee” **and it looks like of the about 21 members of that Committee, at least 6 are Co-Sponsors of the HB-1291

REAL INTERESTING … No Conflict of Interest there. Now the 2012 Licensing Games begin.

I believe on the house bill they mention something about taking a psychometrically valid test OR …

All lawmakers and sponsors of this “legislation” need to realize that “board members”, who will most likely be all ASHI, will write, publish, and promote basic SOP’s, rules and regulations all to appease real estate agents.

Just like Kansas.

These laws will be junk.

I want personally let all of these people realize that home inspections in Missouri will be basic, include no appliances or appliance connections, one window, one electrical outlet, one switch per room, etc. A basic, almost say nothing report, that he RE’s want, so as to not alarm the home buyer; all at $199 or less and allowed by law.

I would enjoy inspecting any politician’s home with these new “standards”, or any board, committee member or any other co-sponsor, to show them how one of these “reports” will shaft any home buyer. They must realize that their hands will be on this “legislation”. Many lawmakers were voted out in Kansas this last session, some resigned, and the governor of Kansas resigned two days after signing the Kansas home inspection laws into play. Now, she is in charge of national health care.

As in national health care, I am sure lawmakers will want to purchase their own coverage, since the new national health care system will be basic, and lacking in coverage. Just as home inspections will be basic, and lacking in substance.

Home inspection laws in Kansas have hurt home sales, put home buyers in harm’s way, all to please used home commissioned sales people.

I would like to find out how much campaign funding the Missouri lawmakers are recieving from these “sponsors”.

The people and future home buyers of Missouri must realize the cheaping-down of the RE industry in Missouri with these new “laws”.

Actually Dan, if you open the senate full bill text pdf, you can see the Senate version and the house version you elude to are the same word-for-word… We need to keep everyone informed that these bills that are being introduced in two seperate legislative bodies are the exact same…

You also have to prove 250 paid inspections.

… and have been a home inspector since January 1, 2010;
… and be a member of a professional home inspection association.

Everyone else has to go to class.

So, in other words, you have to be a home inspector to become a home inspector.

Correct. And you have to be a member of a home inspection association.

Looks like I’m part of the grand daddy group. Thank goodness :slight_smile:


Can, and is it legal, for a tradesman in Missouri to be forced to join an association affiliated to your industry?

If you mow lawns, are you forced to join a lawn mowing association?
If you paint houses, are you forced to join a painters association?

I hope these Missouri lawmakers know what they are doing. Perhaps their buddies are attorneys, who need work.

Because I meet all the requirements just like you do.

The board will decide the requirements.

Agreed. I was referring to the bill. If the board sticks to what the bill reads both Chris and I will meet the requirements. Like you state though we’ll see.

All you’ll need to do is take a few classes and pass a test. Extra training can’t hurt.

I’m not concerned I do very few inspections in MO, 95% of potential clients in the St.Louis area are price shoppers and want the cheapest they can get, much worse than clients on this side of the river.

Personally I don’t see how licensing could bring inspection fees down much lower in the St.Louis MO area, not much room left.

Thanks for any comments. Remember, this is a public forum. The truth lies here, for all to see; including politicians. I am sure James B. will be chiming in soon.

Not the requirements for InterNACHI’s courses to be approved. Note the word “shall” in the Bill. The board has no choice but to approve InterNACHI courses.