Missouri HI Licensing Law Put on Fast Track for 2009 Session

…and it appears to be a good one.

In a telephone conference today with members of ASHI, the MAR, and (reluctantly, on their part, I’M sure) myself…Mike Parson of Bolivar introduced an outline of licensing bill that appears to be acceptable.

As we know, licensing is inevitable and if we can get to the table with the big boys, we can make the bill tolerable, at least.

We all agreed that any form of grandfathering would be unfair…what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The exception would be that home inspectors with more than three years in business would NOT have to ride with a licensed/experienced inspectors for 25 inspections.

The NHIE will be the test and the fee will be $200.

There will be a public hearing announced for next week. If I learn more, I’ll pass it on.

O.K. who are you and what did you do with James Bushart? :shock::shock::shock:

So, in order for me to perform home inspections in Missouri, I will have to be a member in Missouri, pay double fees, double education, double forms, etc. My fees would then be higher, since I live in Kansas about 4 miles from the Missouri state line. I would be shut out from performing home inspections in Missouri since my fees would have to be higher…??? Will home builders, remodelers, repairmen, contractors be licensed also?

…that could not be a James Bushart comment.

Good April fool’s joke Jim!

Thanks, Mark.

I threw up four times writing that post.

I actually bought it for a while. Thought we had lost you to the dark side for a minute. Then your comment about it being inevitable made me re-think and check your date. That coming from you just didn’t go down the pipe very well.


James you are the devil, I have been working hard at getting my self ready for the profession and you gave me a hart attack, good JOKE though laugh and the world laughs with you if they don’t pass out first.Take care

Oh, what a horrible joke. I read it and immediately thought that Jim and Mike Parsons have worked up a really great Bill for ASHI Inspectors.

Then the disappointment to find out that I’m still unregulated …

Oh well, I’m trying to get over the pain …

The pain has started in Kansas. We will be regulated as of January 1, 2010. It is coming to Missouri. It does not matter what inspectors do or say. It has festered to Kansas. It will to Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, everywhere.

Perhaps…but not as likely.

Kansas had a lot of whiners…but very few people willing to take on the KAR. Barnes had well established himself as your (the Kansas home inspector’s) spokesman before anyone did anything to refute it.

The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors is gaining momentum and hopefully we will have our own lobbyist at the next session.

Funny… good one.


“And it appears to be a good one”

Some how, I no not see James liking any licensing bill, even if he WROTE it HIMSELF!!!

You devil, you!!

Always stiring the pot.

Is it just for the attention???

Now, go clean up your desk, and get the chunks out of your keyboard!!!