Missouri Licensing Question

Hey all. I’ve read about legislation to set-up a Board for Home Inspector’s.
Do I understand it correctly that there currently is no licensing requirement in MO?
I am currently a licensed LA inspector, but am from the Kansas City area.
Just curious how it works for inspectors back home.

I’ll direct this thread to Jim Bushart for you. He’ll know best.

There are no licensing requirements for home inspectors in Missouri and there are none pending implementation.

Many of us here in Kansas voiced our displeasures about the Kansas licensing laws that were implemented in 2008. They were the worse in the nation, and very corrupt. Since the sunset rules were put into the laws (credit Dan B. and I for that) the governor vetoed the renewals, and as of July 1, 2013 Kansas laws will expire. Check other threads within this section.

Do not look in Missouri or Kansas for any new laws for home inspectors for at least two years, or ever. Without IRC building requirements in any state and county, no HI laws should be put into play. Without any building guidelines, how can you state a defect is a defect?

Hey Mr or Ms Hertitage. Who are you. I see you just joined us.

Missouri licensing of HI’s was 1st thrown at us in 2002. That was my 1st time before the state legislation. This is the 11th year in a row.

So to answer your question / HI licensing back home is the same as it is for home builders, foundation contractors, remodelers, chimney sweeps, electricians, plumbers, framers, etc, etc … There are NO state wide licensing of ANY of us.

There are NO state wide MANDATORY building codes.

So honestly, doesn’t it seem stupid to license home inspectors UNTIL we got rules to MANDATORILY follow AND having LICENSED tradesmen.

If you have further questions ask … I’ve fought it since 2002 and one of my inspectors was the Missouri lobbyist for the home inspectors AGAINST licensing.

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