missouri pest inspection requirments

I have been researching the requirements for inspecting for wdo and pest in Missouri and cant seem to find anything. I have found you have to have a certain type of license to treat for pest but nothing found for just inspection for them. Is there a license for inspecting for pest or just for treating? if anyone comes across anything please reply. I Have realtors all the time calling for pest inspections. If any one could please reply the Missouri requirements.

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Where are you located? It will make a difference. Contact the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture, or check online. I am sure you know how to search the internet.

yes I found the phone number to the Missouri pesticide program I will call them tomorrow and post there reply.

It is to the point on this message board that no one will respond to a person who posts on this message board unless they state their location. There are so many variables from state to state. If your location is not with your name, your wasting your time, and ours.

I am a certified termite inspector in Kansas, which has reciprocating agreements with other states. IE, since I am licensed in Kansas to do termite inspections, I can do inspections in Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc. If you do termite treatments however, you have to be licensed in each state.

Do not post unless you state where you are from. You may be an attorney seeking advice, or a business person seeking information that benefits you. Stating your location should be an InterNACHI requirement, IMO.

You must get a 7b licence (I believe) to write the reports. Dept of Ag will send you a book. Take a $25 test and walla your a terminte inspector (last time I checked anyway). In my opinion one needs a bit of schooling / on site before they should be doing inspections. I always bring in a third party. Not worth all the liability for $50-75 per inspection.

About 10 yrs ago Missouri added law for inspecting. To inspect you’ll get a 7b license.

Unlike states like Indiana where they have a separate INSPECTOR type license in Missouri you will get licensed a a Non-Commercial Applicator.

There will be 2 tests … One on state law (short test) and one on treating for WDI (a long test / maybe 100 questions +/-)

Most of the guys taking the long test say there is almost next to nothing on there regarding inspecting or recognizing pests … Just the treatment (formulas, how much chemical to use on certain products, what type chemicals to use in specific applications, etc). Both books are needed to study for test (Short law one comes from MO Agriculture Dept / FREE … Long treatment book you buy and comes from MU Columbia bookstore online).

Like Billy said … Although Missouri requires no training to get initially licensed (they do require annual CE after licensed) it would be wise to take some training.

Texas A&M and Purdue in Lafayette, IN both have 1-2 day courses on inspecting

The last Mo CE that I took was about bed bugs and the mating habits of wasps. Nothing about termites.

What information did you find out about termite inspections in Missouri from the Dept. or Ag?

This is a 3 year old thread and the original poster has not posted since then. I doubt he visits the message board. Try starting a new thread and you might get some updated information.

Wesley …

To inspect you must be licensed BUT the license is NOT for inspecting. If memory serves me correctly, its for a Non-commercial applicator.

Call the Dept. of Agriculture, and they can get you set up.

Thank you, completely set up. Appreciate the help

Hi All,

I just wanted to update this group with what I learned today.

I called the Missouri State Pesticides office at 573-751-5504. They informed me that I need to complete the Core Examination and 7B non-commercial exam for WDO inspections.

You can obtain the Missouri State study material from the University of Missouri. Call 800-292-0969 to request the material. For me, it was $38 with shipping and taxes.

You can take the exams at any Pearson VUE location. They have 41 locations in Missouri and are open 5-6 days a week at most locations. They can be reached at 866-221-6481.

Each exam is $50, so $100 total. After the exams are passed, you can then submit your application for license with the State of Missouri, which comes with a $25 application fee.

If I have any additional information, I will update this forum.

My name is Raul Recalde I am working in missouri and my company needs me to get this licensing for termite in MO and KS
can you outline the Material and steps to take I need to do so.

My office would greatly appreciate your help as well as I!

Thank you.

Raul, the info is on post 13.