Termite Inspector Requirements

I would like to get my termite inspector license in Kansas and Missouri, but am having troubled finding any information on licensing requirements. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Check with your local Department of Agriculture

In Indiana it is the State Chemist office that handles it

Robert is not located in Indiana.

Termite in mo is done through the Dept. Of Agriculture you will need to take the test to become a non-commercial applicator. It seemed to me that the test was not about inspecting for termites rather common treatment and handling of the chemicals. The home office is in Jefferson City. Good luck

Gotta download and just in the door.
Lifted clear plastic with redwood chips in front of a place (detective and spidey sense) and underneath the plastic I saw 1,000’s and thousands of tiny yucky white ants…termites ?

Did a log cabin today that had a lot of powderpost beetle damage on it.