Missouri Real Estate Commission awards InterNACHI school accreditation.

If you can do this in Missouri, why didn’t you in Kansas?

I know why, and as stated in today’s Kansas Home Inspectors board meeting, all Kansas licensing and registration classes must be approved by the Kansas Board of Regents, and taught by teachers certified to teach in the State of Kansas. Dan, you need to post all of this crap that was in the meeting today. What a cluster Mr. Bell and the RE of Kansas has created. And, with no money, how is this thing ever going to get off the ground???

With Nick’s permission, me and Lisa worked hard on getting this approved for Missouri. They really made Lisa jump through the hoops. It appears we are only an accredited school until March 31, 2009 so if anybody wants to provide this class, it needs to be by March 31 or we will have to pay another chunk of money to renew our school accreditation. I will contact my local board this week to get it on their schedule in February or March.
Thanks Nick and Lisa.

I didn’t know you were behind this, James. I was wondering why it was done. Thanks for explaining.

I sent you an email about this about two years ago, remember. Things move slowly in Missouri government unless you know somebody and are willing to kiss their feet.

Man, there are two of you? I just noticed. Your names are close to being the same, and both from the show me state. Sorry.

From the Missouri Real Estate Commission letter:

We are already opting to renew our license till September 30, 2010, so there is no rush.

As for Kansas, we are doing what is necessary to become an accredited post secondary school.

I’ll volunteer to teach it for free in St. Louis and Surrounding. Just send me the course so I can review it first.

Mark you want to join me? I would ask Bushhart as well however I know his feelings already on the used house salesmen :). Love to have ya if you change your mind.

I believe Nick is the only one that can teach the class if the Realtors want their credit hours. Maybe we can have Nick come down and do a bunch of classes in a row in different areas. Also I think we will see if he can teach a marketing class for us inspectors, since he will be already in Missouri. Getting everything inline will be a challenge. Here in Jefferson City, I got to get everything approved by the education board. They will probably only allow certain time slots for the class this year, if we cannot meet any of these slots they will make us wait until next year. A lot of politics gets involved unfortunately.

Oh, that explains the angry posts, PMS, and emails I get from you. It is Bushart you are mad at. :smiley:

If so…he should be closely observed so that he does not perpetuate the myth that there is a NACHI preference for the Kansas Law in our state. If he varies from the outline and gets into crap like that…we (or, I, if necessary) will notify the state and challenge the accreditation as being politically tainted.

I do not believe the Kansas law is in the outline of the class. If he wants to admit he is wrong for supporting the Kansas home inspection licensing law in front of a room full of Realtors, it would be fine with me. Other than that he knows talking about the Kansas law would be a big mistake with us inspectors in Missouri. I am sure he will not make that mistake.

Hang on Missouri guys. Look for some of the language in the Kansas Home Inspector bill to change and be submitted for changes in the January 2009 Kansas session. There are several sentences in the bill that are conflicting with other state agencies; education, budget, insurance requirements, association memberships, etc. Kansas is an “at will” and a “right to work” state. Attorneys and the board are working on language changes. They may be favoring the home inspectors. People are watching. I have taught classes, but I am not certified to teach in Kansas. Wish that would change, but law is law. How this affects RE office lunch meeting siminars is yet to be found out.

Surely Nick and Jeff Barnes would only support well written laws, not laws that are found to be unconstitutional. You must be mistaken Gary that this great law would need to be rewritten. :smiley:

Sorry Nick, but you and your buddy Jeff deserved that one.

I did not support the Kansas legislation and have dozens of posts to prove it. I never sent a single letter in support. I never made a single trip in support. I never gave a single speech in support. I never made a single phone call in support. I never sent a single email in support. So if you see someone claiming that I supported the Kansas legislation… you are looking at a liar.

What I said, after it became law, was that of all inspection laws out there, the Kansas one is the most inspector friendly. I also challenged Jim Bushart and others to point to a specific state that had a more inspector-friendly law. No one was able to. Jim has yet to reveal the name of the state that has a more inspector friendly home inspection law.

Thanks for the clarification. But you do you think it is a good law, even though the Attorney General’s office says different?

No. My position against home inspector licensing hasn’t changed in 20 years. Licensing keeps out few, gives state-issued credentials to many, and harms the public by making veterans and newbies (each waving the same license) indistinguishable.

Thats great! It is nice to see you start walking back towards the light. So are you and Jeff Barnes still playmates?