Mitsubishi Electic System

How do you determine the age for these systems?

Here is some info if you need.

First time on this system.

181311 003 (Small).JPG

181311 A 001 (Small).JPG

For Mitsubishi ductless units, I believe you have to contact the manufacturer.

When I encounter something I can’t easily decipher the age, I simply recommend servicing and collecting all records from current owner. Don’t waste too much time on determining age in your reports.

The MUM18NW is a residential split-system central air conditioner. Its efficiency rating of 10 SEER makes it a mid-efficiency model. (US Federal requirements specificy that no central air conditioners can be manufactured in the US with a SEER of less than 13.) High-efficiency models can reach a SEER of up to 21. The first year that this model appears in our records is 1999.

Thanks for the response.

I like to note the age of equipment on my reports. I know to some this seems irrelevent.

This Mitsubishi system was just supplimentary to the 2nd floor.
Expensive system!!

Kinda makes the US Federal requirements useless if we are gonna import less standard items. ???

Does anyone else find it ironic they bought a MR Slim and then faced the wide side at the door?
Notice :the bolt down brackets are not fastened at the base.:slight_smile:

SEER 13 was not required until 2001 and and not enforced until 2004 due to court challenges by the industry.

So this unit may well have been legal at the time of install.

Mike ,look at the picture and tell me that is not a new install.

It doesn’t look new to me but that is irrelevant. It could have been a savaged unit.

Service Manuel published in 1997 though it is CSA verified.

This is not the main cooling system.

Its is supplementary to the main cooling system.

So why would it need to be 13 SEER?

Probably not IMHO.

Edit: Best I can tell you can no longer by a mini split less than 13 SEER.