Seer 13

With the new Seer 13 requirement, I am sure buyers will want to know the seer rating of hvac units before buying a house. Is there a way to determine this from the manufacturers tag? How can I determine seer rating?
I would be interested to to know how inspectors are going to report the minimum seer 13 requirement in their reports.

Richard Seay
Accurate Inspections
Wichita Falls, Texas


the SEER taing is required to be included on the manufacturers data plate, and has been for the last several years (5 I think)



Keep in mind that when an older unit is upgraded to a SEER 13 the inside evaporator coil must also be changed. Ideally the refrigerant lines should be upgraded also.

Thanks Robert, I should have mentioned that, also while you have jogged my failing memory, allways check that the breaker rating matches the required rating, newer units have less draw than older ones, but the breakers never get swapped out.



The minimum seer requirement is only for units MANUFACTURED after 1-26-2006, units being installed can be any seer the contractor has in stock until supplies run out.

By quoting seer you may consider the additional liability you open your self up to If the unit was not installed properly with the correct indoor coil, line set size, proper air flow etc the home owner will have high utility bills that may lead back to you for not reporting those conditions.

I would suggest that you just report make model and age, if the buyer wants more in depth then refer them to a professional HVAC company