Mixed breaker manufacturers

Inspected this home today - panel has obviously been replaced t some point, house was built in 1964, has a Square D distribution panel. Inside are all SqD breakers, except for the Air Handler… it has a 50-amp GE breaker that does not seem to fit right.

Is the GE breaker approved for use in the Square D panel? This is a flipped house, and it seems the flipper liked to skip details and cut corners in quite a few issues!

If you were to read the label inside the panel, it will tell you that ONLY Square D breakers are allowed!
Some cheap arse didn’t want to shell out any coin for the correct breaker, and used what they already had (as it was likely ‘new-ish’ anyway)!!


If you look at the raised portion of the CB you’ll notice that with the GE CB the panel cover did not even fit correctly.


That’s what caught my attention. I was impressed - the CB was not loose, just fit like a square peg in a round hole.

I was pretty sure of that - in fact, showed this to the client and I told him most panel manufacturers advise not to do this… fortunately, he understood…
Unfortunately, couldn’t read any of the labeling inside.