Square D breaker in a Challenger panel

Is a Square D breaker an approved replacement for a Challenger panel?

Kurt, I have a classified chart but it is in my other computer…sorry.

Thank you Larry. I did allot of searching on line and was not able to find a chart or an answer.

AFaik, Square D only lists their breaker in their own panels.


Thank you Jim.


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The answer to your question is no.
However, the recommended breaker is found on the attached picture.

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Any breaker panel manufactures label will list the acceptable devices. Only issue is in some panel it is difficult to see the info because 1. Small type 2. Wiring restricts view 3. Label hard to see on the side wall of the panel. Most manufactures are now listing acceptable devices on a section of the label nearby the breaker function callout listing.

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Challenger, Bryant, Westinghouse and T&B ultimately ended up with Cutler Hammer, now Eaton. The correct replacement breaker for that panel is a Cutler Hammer type BR.
While you’re calling out the Square D breaker you should also call out the 30a double pole Crouse Hinds breaker on the other side. Carouse Hinds ended up in the Seimens / Murray camp along with ITE and several others and is not appropriate for that panel.

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Thank you for the Information

It may or may not be approved. It may or may not be safe.
Its not OEM. That’s all I care about. The only ‘parts’ that I say are ‘OK’ are OEM.

And I tell them that ‘That is my opinion’.

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