Challenger Panel with GE Breakers

My question may sound elementary, but I am still int he process of learning and am not a licensed Inspector yet.

I was inspecting my own electrical panel and this is what I came across:
My house was built in 1993 and I have a Challenger service panel. While inspecting the panel, I discovered the panel has 3 different kinds of breakers (GE, Cutler-Hammer and Square D). I did some research and found the Cutler-hammer is acceptable and that square D is not, but I could not find anything on the GE breakers.

Are GE breakers acceptable in a Challenger panel?

Yes, you are correct about the Square D Hom breaker not being allowed.
Is there a label on the panel cover that states the type(s) of breakers allowed. What type are the Challenger breakers?

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This Classified Breakers chart may help you:

ELEC-classified-breakers1.pdf (323.1 KB)

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When you inspect the label, see of the tandem breakers are in the correct locations and that the number of them do not exceed what is on the label.

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No they’re not

Challenger panels are now on the naughty list of panels as well.

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