Mixed Fuels in a single flue

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I am looking for the wording contained in NFPA 211 Section 5-8.

Particular concern is a Burnham Boiler that is a Coal / Wood / Oil Fired Boiler. Oil Burner on the right side with its own flue outlet and a Coal or Wood fired area with a Separate flue outlet.

These are then joined at a Tee into a Single Masonry Flue. I know it is wrong but I need the exact wording of the standard.

If anyone has the Particular wording or code, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Joe, I agree and these site might help. I didn’t have the correct code book with me, I even looked in my BOCA book but coul not find the right section.

The HVAC sites will definately point you in the right direction:

No solid & gas/oil fuel in same vent [802.4] [n/a]
[UMC] 94' Uniform Mechanical Code by IAPMO

another source for info.
HVAC talk menue board

good luck,