MNF contest over. New HIP MNF contest begins!!!!!

This Monday we’ll have a new contest in cooperation with Dominic and Home Inspector Pro.

You all will love it… all members can play… all members have a chance to win!

This Monday’s prize is a full blown version of Home Inspector Pro inspection reporting software! ($499 value)

Stay tuned on Monday for all the details.

Are you ready for some HIP Football???

Cardinals by 2
And I was going to download HIP this morning. I think I might wait till Tuesday morning …

they have opinions on everything

Lol, our sales probably have stalled until Tuesday when they’ll shoot up again. I noticed Brian was the first to get his vote in and Nick hasn’t even announced the contest yet, hehe.

yeah… what’s up with that? What are the rules tonight? kick off is soon!


Game started. What is the contest?

Bills by 6

You guys missed it, it was over here: