.mobi for cell phones on sale

.MOBI domain for cell phones went on sale yesterday.

It is estimated that there are currently over 2 billion mobile phone users across the world, and that only one in ten of them use their phones to surf the web. This lack of mobile web usage occurs for a variety of reasons such as cost, poor content and graphic quality, and slow speed. However, an unprecedented plan to allow the general public to register websites ending in .mobi (dotmobi) may be set to revolutionise the mobile web industry. The organisation in charge of overseeing domain name registration, Mobile Top Level Domain (MTLD), expects over 200,000 dotmobi sites to be registered within the year in what is being called the dotmobi “land rush” - and it already has 13,000 trademark companies registered as part of a special pre-registration process…


I purchased a few names I thought may come in handy:


I will find out shortly if these purchases “went through”. They were
still available for sale as of last night. (BTW I am not a vendor…smile)

Very large companies like Microsoft and others are on board to create
a mobile phone internet… that may rival the internet as we now know it.

If someone sees your add somewhere, they can look at your .mobi web
page on their cell phone without hesitation. Search Engines and
Directories will be set up to give listings that are .mobi friendly.

This might be big guys… get your .mobi domain name while they last.

“GoDaddy” sells them and so does “Doteasy”.

Do a search on the word “mobi” and you will find a domain seller that is
offering them during this “land rush” opening. :slight_smile: