Mobile home bent outrigger frames

What does any of this have to do with a Home Inspector?
Is this your personal home?
Report what you observed and move on.

And this is why this forum is funny to me🤷‍♂️

Have you ever come across anything that is interesting during an inspection? I know you have because you talk about it constantly on here. I found this interesting during an inspection. A structural defect that was caused by a contractor long ago (and has no visible change to the living space) seems very pertinent to a home inspection to me but maybe I don’t know anything

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Jeff, so I am clear . I contacted the installing contractor for a couple reasons. First because I want to know what damage they caused that may not be visible in its current state and how it was repaired. I also like to learn. It’s a thing one does when one doesn’t understand how damage can affect the home. I ask questions of the actual experts, in this case the installation contractor who does this every day and knows more than I do. This way when I come across it again I can speak from a place of knowledge.
Not all of us have infinite knowledge or are as perfect as others who seemingly do.


Note the orientation of the floor framing. The exterior walls are set on the outriggers.


Scott, great diagram. In this situation interestingly the joists actually are oriented across the unit in the other direction. Possibly because it may have been reframed after the original damage?

Glad we can amuse you.


No way they stripped the sub-structure down to the dirt and re-framed the thing.

I see plenty of M/H homes & designs, the joists can run any direction the plans call for.


Me too. It s the predictability of one or two that can make it funny. I appreciate all the banter.


Thank you. Good to know. I don’t see many. That’s one reason I reached out to the original installation contractor. Knowing is way more helpful than guessing for clients.


I think you made the right call regarding the installation contractor. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Being a structural support I would think there might be movement, or sagging, of that corner. But you said there was none.

The attached garage foundation seems unusual. I would guess that the MH is not considered to be on a permanent foundation.