Modular on steel frame (2006) question

These photos are not of the main I beams but of like the smaller cross sections between the I beams. They don’t support any flooring and didn’t appear to hold up the insulation. They looks like they added support/strength to the I beams from movement left to right. Now the question is I say like 10% of em had some sorta damage. Not broken but bent or twisted or crushed in some sorta way. I didn’t feel this was a real concern. Others opinions? Even though I don’t discuss really repairs I leave it up to a pro what would a pro say or do even in such a case? I don’t want to make a issue or concern for a pro to come and laugh off something silly either.

I would note it with pictures in the report, however if the main beams are straight and plumb and the unit is correctly fastened to the ground with correct straps I would let the prospective purchaser know it is not a major issue. Keep in mind that unit may have to be relocated in the future and correct wheel alignment will be needed for it to trailer correctly down the road.

If these secondary beams are intended to provide bracing for the joist beams, how effective are they going to be if they are structurally compromised? I’m certainly not a S.E., but I would definitely have a concern about that.