Mobile Home Inspection

I’ve got a mobile home inspection tomorrow. I’ve done one before and pretty much treated it like a house and crawlspace. I’ve read most of the nachi course. Anyone have any mobile home specific advice, what to look for? Thanks

There are significant differences between a “mobile home” and a house on a crawlspace. Start with 24 CFR 3280.

Just be ready to take a lot of photos and notes because they are all crap. :wink:

Here are a few of the most common problems.

  1. Check the marriage line inside home for alignment with other half.
  2. Check the pier spacing, condition, over extended jack heads and wood pads with large cracks.
  3. Check that utilities are supported and not resting on the ground.
  4. Check that moisture barrier is properly installed without any tears or sections missing.
  5. Check for soft spots on particle board flooring throughout.
  6. Check water heater and furnace flooring in compartment they get damaged easily.
  7. Modulux ceiling panels sagging (caused by broken 1x2 or 2x2 rafter).
  8. Roof structure is sagging.
  9. Some homes have 4’ to 5’ outriggers causing outside edges to sag from the weight.
  10. Toilets loose at plastic flange.
  11. Squeaky floors caused by loose sub flooring, loose pier, loose lag at joist frame connection.
  12. Damaged or missing molding.

Mobile homes are a different type of beast then the typical home construction. It will take a little time to familiarize yourself with what is acceptable and what is not.

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Great list.
I know in Canada the insurance company need verification that the trailer is tied down on the four corners and in the center. They need to know how it is tied down. I.E. helical, driven post, concrete piles…
Also the size of the cable and if the clamps are installed correctly.

The mobile home was a complete disaster. The underbelley (or under wrap) was full of water in multiple areas. Floor was water damaged at most visible points where the wrap was deteriorated and insulation fell out. There was an active leak under the kitchen, water pouring out. There were a lot of soft spots in the interior floors because of it. Part of the dining room wall was falling apart because it was saturated. The plumbing connection from the kitchen to the main sewer line was completely disconnected. Block column supports falling over. I’ll post some pics when I get to the office…and all that lady asked at the end was “but is it livable”. What the… some peoples idea of livable is different that mine.

Situation normal… You know the rest. :slight_smile:

Just some sample pics of this mobile home. Seemed like everything was wet.






Look like a typical trailer. I have a 1971 trailer tommorow. Can’t wait!!:twisted::frowning:

hah, this website used one of your photos for their blog post, Colton!

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