Mobile Home Inspections

I am about to inspect my first mobile home. I would appreciate any pointers on how different this type of inspection will be and on anything I should make sure I check. Should I be certified on mobile homes? Thank you much.

Hey Bill never did one myself but before anyone answers try listing what you think might be different just for fun to see where you are at.

Mobil/Manufactured Homes were BIG on PB plumbing in the 80’s and 90’s. Many were “repaired” by lazy azz plumbers that didn’t always change out 100% of the PB, but charged for it anyway. Be 100% certain you inspect every iota of visible plumbing, and call out anything that doesn’t look right! Take GREAT pics of everything with a REAL camera, and post the pics here if uncertain.

Btw… you should also be identifying if it is a Mobile or Manufactured home. Yes, there is a difference!

also ones built in the early 70’s are big on Aluminum wiring. Be sure it is anchored down properly.

Make sure to find the data plate as welll. Often in the laundry, main panel area, around the water tank or under the sink. If you are in a colder location, the waterline should have heat tape. There are usually multiple roof penetrations. Check them closely. Decks should not be attached to the unit. Tie downs are indeed key as most lenders will not lend without them. The units are built for specific climates and loads. That is where the data plate info is key. Most of the units are built with press board floors. They get wavy if they were ever wet. Check the belly paper underneath the unit for past leaks by simply pushing on it. It will be like a water bed. Word of caution: do not slice that area open if you do find water. Just make a small hole. Most of the units have a Miller Nordyne heater, sometimes a Coleman…or other brand. Dollar says you will find a Miller.

Thank you to those who responded. I really appreciate it.