Mobile Home Tie Down Inspection

I was recently asked if I could do a mobile home structure and tie down inspection. I’ve inspected several mobile homes in the past and noted tie down straps, but never done one specifically for the straps themselves.

Is there a specific form I can fill out or is this type of inspection something that needs to be done by an engineer?

I am in the Tampa, Florida area.

Yes it needs an engineers stamp. Some inspectors work with engineering firms and take pictures to send them and get paid from the engineering firm. I never did that so I don’t have names of firms to pass along to you…sorry.

That’s kind of what I was afraid of. Thank you for the answer

Harrison Engineering

I do contract work for Hayman Engineering. I’ve done a ton of these and it’s easy work. They tell you what to look for and basically just want photos and not your opinion. The engineers examine the photos and give the opinion. So you are more of a photographer than an inspector, but they do need an actual licensed inspector to take the pics. You upload them and fill out their form. I like the work, as long as there aren’t too many snakes.