Mobile Home tie downs

As a state licensed home inspector are we allowed to do mobile home tie down inspections for insurance purposes? I know they want an engineer if it is for an FHA loan, but how about for insurance? Thanks

All you can do is inspect to make sure they are not damaged .

Jacob, Citizens usually sends out a third party inspector to look at the tie downs and make sure the home has the right number of tie downs per size of the unit. And also to make sure they are not rusted and properly anchored.

I have done work for citizens doing tie down inspections for three years.

Thanks Shawn. My client said they are going through Foremost Insurance Company. I may give them a call directly to see if they require an engineer’s stamp. It seems though just for insurance they would not require it.

Roy, do you have any experience with these? Have you partnered with an engineer to provide this service?

Yes! but I don’t partner with them . I do the fieldwork for them… Hayman and Harrison and a few locals in my part of the world.

Thanks, I just reached out to Hayman to see if I can be added to their network.

Just thought I would let you all know what I found out. I contacted Foremost Insurance and they stated they do not require an inspection from an engineer. They said a licensed HI is just fine. I guess the engineer requirement is only for mortgages?

I do them all the time. Don’t need an engineer to photo document some elevation shots and some anchor shots. Just makes sure your report includes the State Statue for tie down requirements and your HI # & Signature

Same here Wayne. I recently did one for a client where I had performed a home inspection. I drew a diagram of what was there with the count of how many were broken, rusted or missing and photo documented. The sellers paid to have a company come out and make repairs before my client got her insurance.


Yep that’s it ! That’s the other thing , be ready to provide a contact for repair. Most people who need these are new to the area anyway and can be tough to find the right people for the job.

And he’d best be qualified to do this work and follow these rules…

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Division of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 15C-1


Correct and state certified installer.

Wayne, do you call out when tie downs are not in accordance to the florida ruling 15C-1(number and placement of tie downs). Or do you just photo and document and let the underwriter sort it out?

I know you asked Wayne but I don’t call them out with regards to quantity or placement. I do draw a diagram showing where they’re at with relationship with the mobile home and make mention of and photograph their condition and leave it at that.


Thanks Bert!

I per form. Engineering MH Home tiedown inspections. 15c 1. Hud\Fha. Tampa area

Engineer needed