Mobile home tie down

In Oklahoma, typically the tie down straps run the length of the sides of the home to dead man anchors. This home was on concrete slab with single anchors running the length of home down the middle with straps to I-beams on either side of home.

First time I’ve seen this, is it correct? Should there be straps down the sides as well?

That is better than I’ve ever seen done in Georgia. But your talking about Tornado Ally in OK. Is your question “does this this meet OK standards?” IDK…


Looks good. No problem.
It would be nice to see some Oliver bracing as well.

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Most places need an engineer to sign off on those foundations. The inspector takes pictures, Emils them to the engineering firm and they sign off on them.

Someone will be along to give you some of the engineering firms names soon.


That shallow angle doesn’t provide much uplift resistance. To meet the FHA requirements anchoring to the outside of the beam into the concrete slab at a 45 degree angle would provide the strongest anchor for uplift and horizontal shoving. A mobile home in Oklahoma is just a temporary coffin.


This is who I use.


Harrison Engineering, Hayman Engineering and my new favorite: