Modified Ferrari Enzo crashes into Atlantic

A Canadian car dealer’s $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo took a dip into the ocean September 15 after he lost control while racing the Targa Newfoundland rally.

Zahir Rana of ZR Auto owns what may be the world’s fastest street-legal Ferrari, an Edo Enzo XX, a highly tuned 840-horsepower monster that can hit more than 380 km/h (240 mph) on land but doesn’t go nearly as fast in water.

Jalopnik quoted witness Mike Boldt’s description of the crash: “There was a long bridge and they just came bombing down the hill across the bridge. They took an uneven left off a driveway… and he was on throttle, hit one bump, on throttle, and the next bump threw him right off.”

I’ll give him $15 grand for it

Maybe Ferrari should start making outboard motors… they now have an ad for one.

Would like to see how that dory runs with the Ferrari motor it in - already has the same paint colour.