Cool Pics

I found this in a garage yesterday. I offered to test drive it for the home owner…for a fee of course! :smiley:

Too bad it a pieced together wannabe!

The homeowner tried telling me the car was worth 100k. Im not a car guy by any means but all I could do is laugh. It would be cool to have something like that one day tho.

Was it a '63 Split Rear Window?

Well, I know I’m getting old but… that looks like a 396 CID to me, and they were only installed in the '65 Vette (if I recall correctly), (as well as other vehicles) and that sure as hell isn’t a '65 vette!

The home owner said it was a 67 vette.

I got new factory paint on my 2001 silver C5 series.
Stock factory condition.
0-60 in 4.7 seconds with the upgraded LS1 engine.
I had a 1965 & made a BIG mistake selling it.

Looks like it still needs some work, I don’t think your test drive would last very long.

so did you test the garage door?

I’ve so busy I haven’t been able to drive my 82 this year.

Nothing but a bunch of CHEVROLETs…
Cranks Hard Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Every Time…or…
Cheap Helplessly Embarrassing Vehicle Running On Luck Every Time

I like that… I have always been a Ford guy myself.

Fix Or Repair Daily
Found On Road Dead

My first truck was. 68 ford F150, my first car a 68 Camero, so I’ve always like ford trucks and Chevy cars :wink:

My truck, hasn’t been washed in 7 years:D only when it rains

427 tri power set up…

Yeah I know. I think he said it hasn’t ran in 12 years or something like that. Its just a project he’s been working on.

Sure did. It was just a manual door.

Four Old Rusty Doors