Modular/Mobile Home Ceiling Material

What is that material they use to make the ceilings in modular or mobile homes? I know it’s not sheetrock. It’s late and I’m drawing a blank.

Thanks guys.

I see a lot of Cellotex type around here.

There are two types of materials that the factory uses for interior ceilings…

  1. Fiberboard
  2. Textured gypsum wallboard

Slightly different subject, but can you tell me if the walls are metal studs?

Usually the walls are wood studs. 2"x3" is very common.

If you are going to inspect manufactured homes (trailers) I highly suggest you take a course on them. They are a different beast. Gerry Beaumont is a wealth of information on them as well.

Thanks guys. Your expertise is what keeps me going when I hit a snag.

i’ve heard it refured to as "bakeboard’'. i’ve been told it’s a gypsomboard cousin that’s kilned with a textured (or not) fire resistant paper of sorts. walls too. anything over 25yrs old is almost imposible to get insurance for because of there substandard electrical wiring. they didn’t use grounded systems ( 3 wire 240/120 vs 4 wire) 'til around 1980ish.