Moen 1225 cartridge installtion help


I am trying to replace **Moen 1225 cartridge. After taking out the cap and small screw from the lever. The lever handle is not coming out. Please suggest me how to take it out without breaking the inside parts. I have tried all possible ways I even spay the silicon still it is very hard to take it out. If you have any link related vedios please let me know. Some reason Moen interactive thing is not working. Any ones help is much appreciated.


It may be worth having a plumber stop and perform a service call. I know you’re trying to avoid paying… but if the valve body is behind a surround and you break off the brass tabs by trying to use a puller…UGH. Well, you didn’t save much and would hope that if you recognize needing help, you’ll ask for it rather than needing it more than you already do.

Is that a posi-temp? I’ve had some fun removing those and seeing what was done to a valve body and shower wall trying to remove 'em. They’re sooo good that they last long enough to really get STUCK.

Good Luck