Moisture Detection in Wood Framing

Byron Scott ID # 12061602 : I have a question concerning a request for a Home Inspection I have received, the Prospective Buyer who is requesting the inspection is asking that I check the Moisture Content in the Wood Frame, is this normally covered in a Standard Home Inspection, as of now I do not have a Moisture Meter Probe. What should be my answer to this Possible Client. Thanks so much for this Great Service ! Byron
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Byron you should have a moisture meter at least

I to would tell the caller that they must wait to schedule their inspection until my moisture meter arrives in the overnight UPS!

Home inspectors are constantly trying to go over the top with their marketing to get an inspection.

You’ll probably get replies that this is outside the scope of inspection and that you should avoid it.

Why not try to do what the client asks for?!

Before someone accuses me of “screwing with the new guy” I will publicly admit that I did several hundred home inspections before I decided I needed a moisture meter! I now show up with an ultrasonic, Pin, extended pin, deep wall ultrasound, flat roof ultrasound, a borescope and an infrared thermal imaging camera (or two).

Moisture intrusion is the primary destructive force in a building.

I no longer do just home inspections (which does not require this equipment or the need for this type of evaluation). However, for the price of this equipment it may be very difficult to compete with your competition without one.

So the real answer is that you must tell the client that you’re not set up to do this type of evaluation and will have to pass on the inspection.

Sometimes a moisture meter isn’t necessary. Just a hammer will do just fine.

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Droho Inspection Digital 019.JPG

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Okay, Mike Homles!

A properly used moisture meter will keep your clients happier and keep you from going through grief.