Moisture in riding arena

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At a trade show I had a guy with a question about moisture in his riding arena. The building is 70’ X 84’ with a dirt floor. He has some “engineered” ventilation that consists of two big holes in the roof. There is no sofit vents. He claims that there is lots of moisture collecting in the rafters. If he opens the overhead door a few inches the moisture is gone in a very short time.

I said that he needs more ventilation but he claims that this “engineered” system cost him lots of money and it is going to work.

I have no pictures

Any Ideas on what the problem is?


You’re right. He needs more ventilation.
Maybe he should have a large HRV for energy efficiency’s sake.

He also does not want anything mechanical like a fan because that will cost money.


It’s a pay me now or pay me later situation.
Perhaps he should consult the “engineer” who designed his present system.

My thoughts as well


Maybe gable type ventilation ends would work but, heat loss during cold season would be bad. Mechanical fan system only way to go. You say consiss of 2 holes at roof. Are those mechanical faned or just open?


No mechanical in this building. All open. Not sure what kind of plan the guy had to make it work. I have never heard of 2 hole in a roof, the same hight just down the ridge, doing any ventilation.

I agree that you either put in mechanical fan or open up a vent near the bottom of the building or at the to of the walls where the sofits should be.


Just got finished with an inspection, sorry for the reply. With a building that size, mechanical fans are almost a must in this country. I’ll bet he thought that if an engineer planned the building, he didn’t need to do any further upgrades. Lots of times, if not requested, the engineers only do the structure not the mechanical unless requested.
It never ceases to amaze me how people will spend thousands of dollars on something good and then cheap out on nessecities. Like Michael said before, “you can pay me now, or you can pay me later”


Either fix the problem or live with it.

Thanks for the responses


By opening the overhead door a few inches, he creates an intake. The “holes” in the roof are the exhaust. If they don’t leak during rain, maybe he just needs to leave the door open a little.