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Post: Foundation removal for HVAC
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Posted by: sfogarty
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“InterNACHI does not moderate member posts on its message board.”

Yep Robert he is right.
Members CAN NOT BE Moderated

Thank you Wayne.
I see you are in his state and a friend.
To me this is no joke.
I will make a formal complaint to the states licensing board if there is one.
If not, I will avoid this arrogant small man.
WOW he is a HI.
Sorry if you are his friend. I have been all over his page.
I have everything I need.
Good day Wayne.

What does state licensing have to do with a pissing contest between two people? You will make a bigger joke of yourself than you already are. Put him on ignore.

It is this easy…

9/17/11, 1:08 PM Remove user from ignore list
ROBERT V. YOUNG]( This message is hidden because ryoung7 is on your ignore list.

I personally don’t really care what your think Frenchie.
You invade everyones posts with rambling nonsense and I take one poke at you and you start crying like a baby.

Get over yourself. I think I will take Stephen’s advice and put you on ignore.

Members can not be moderated ( wasn’t Joking ) Robert.

[quote=“sstanczyk, post:5, topic:62674”]

What does state licensing have to do with a pissing contest between two people? You will make a bigger joke of yourself than you already are. Put him on ignore.

Your solution to everything is (Let them push every button, say slanderous accusations in public and then ignore.)
Why do so many avoid the BIGGEST learning tool here Steven.
I think they call it the message board.
GEE. Paying members. PAY FOR THIS?
Hmmmm. I wonder why it is accepted. Gee you on any comity?
**See Steven its about attitude, respect and equality. **
Thousands play to play here sir. SIR.
They are not allowed because of certain members in authority allow this behavior…
It will change.

I can push my way in with the best of them.
I have been thrown up when it comes an attitude of acting in a" WELL LETS SAY AN AGGRESSIVE MANNER "
Also brought up to honor, respect and obey. Respect to all.
Have you?
I have ***little ***tolerance for pompous dictators of what. Their own imagination. HA HA HA
Thousands pay to play here but little come in because the BIG BAD BULLIES scar them out.
Not me. Push and I can push harder.

Accusation from the most arrogant fools that THINK THEY ARE better and can run fee and abuse FELLOW INACHI MEMBERS. RIGHT.

SIMPLE SIR so the comment of bigger joke of yourself than you already. I see what your attitude is. Animal farm. Read the book George Orwelly. See your behavior inaction.
Myself. I will spend a little more time learn about the industry.
I will see what the state board has to say about ( A TENNESSEE licensed HOME INSPECTORS of THEIR state calling or making accusations towards another home inspector. ***Substance abuse sir.***. I will see if the state requires their members to act in a ethical manner.
It is a learn experience.
OK Stevy?
Want me to fill you in after? So inquiring minds like yours can think you know more.
Right mate.
Learn to have a civil tongue and act in the manner YOU ARE CAPABLE OF. Respect towards fellow members, sir.
I truly wonder how you gain respect within the community.
Or is it all an act. Hmmmmm.

Go back to ignoring please. The WORLD can do with out the pompous.:mrgreen:


The name is Stephen. Just like Larson’s name is Michael. They are spelled in a particular way.

SPELL CHECK. Learn it, use it, and that will be the first step to not looking like a rube. The steps after that would be proper syntax, complete sentences, and using the correct words. Until such time, your postings are nothing less than the ramblings of a doofus. Back to ignore. :roll:

Tolerance and self control.
Use it and it my be your first step to looking and acting in a more human and tolerant fashion.
like a rube. HA HA HA.

Funny I see all the MOST arrogant, pompous, and destructive members of INACHI SEEM TO ALL BE FRIENDS or at lest reassure one another that their attitude and behavior is acceptable.
So Steven or Stephen. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?
There are lots of frames in the picture. Please do not generalize.
Look deeper than you have just done.
There was a glimmer of hope for you.
As for MR. Larson. Please Stephen. He is the MOST DESTRUCTIVE ELEMENT IN INACHI.
Some people act the way you portray them.
*****por·tray*Verb/pôrˈtrā/ ****

** ** 1. Depict (someone or something) in a work of art or literature.
2. (of an actor) Represent or play the part of (someone) on film or stage

I think maybe we should spell Robert’s name as simply Bertty.

Seems to fit.

[quote=“ryoung7, post:33, topic:62119”]

I understand.
No one explained it to me.
I am not a mind reader you know.
I am a simple med taking Canadian HI that knows nothing.

I’m sorry Robert…:frowning:
I read a previous post where you said something about taking meds. Here it is. I was under that impression. If you not I will take it all back, but you shouldnt give people the impression if your not.

Here are your words right here. Is this an admission? If you are truly stable then I will retract all my comments for you…

Its OK Sean now I see how INACHI works.
It think it was a disgraceful.
No problem.
Now I the real INACHI. To bad.

hey I resemble that remark :cool: well at least you used a capitol F Sean

[quote=“sfogarty, post:12, topic:62674”]

*** WOW Frenchy, slander, hatred. ***
Rolls out of your mouth like every day language and routine. Hmmm.
You knowledge of the effects of illegal substance. Hmm.
I will be asking your states licensing board questions tomorrow.
Thats all. ***Night now. ***
I see the man you truly really are behind the computer sir…
PS: You can not just pass a post by if you do not agree with the person.
Ignore button.:roll:
WOW what a tolernt bunch.
You come in provoking hostiaty and then retreat. HA HA HA
I get it. ( not )
So Stephen. See I can spell. If I want to, and treated with respect. Hmmmm.
Slander. Right.
Ignore botton. rube.
All the words of love.
The end. Take it away. whom every wants to carry on.


You threaten to call the license board on Sean for discussions on this Message Board?

That’s ridiculous. Elementary school children are taught about the effects of illicit drugs and that they shouldn’t take them.

Does that mean that every 6th grader that know what drugs will do to you is a danger to their parents?

I am lost . any one else?

I see too many silly useless attacking posts by some members.
They do no good are not helpful they tend to grow to more useless posts .
Some have the wants to help others and trade information .
Some just give up and tend to stay away, when this happens we frequently loose some great well informed Home Inspectors who have much knowledge to share .
sad to see them seldom post here… Roy

I will be asking your states licensing board questions tomorrow.
Read please.
I will ask questions.
Now you are jumping to **predetermined conclusions Mr. Spargo.
Generalizing. Accusations of misconduct to whom.
I have been threatened with litigation more than once on this board when I arrived shouting off my mouth.
I forgot he has been here for years.
Not a mind reader you know.

So you use illegal drugs Tim?
Anyone accuse you of substance abuse on the message board Tim?
Ever been hounded with the accusations by a member like
this one is leaving at my door.

Sorry Mr. Spargo. I am a proud man. I can wait.
Take your time. Read the whole thread.

So if you think I am going to sit back and let some unrulely member hijack the message board and then EVERYONE KNOWS IT OK TO DO AS YOU PLEASE.

If i threaten to go to the state because My feeling were hurt or i was called something on this MB i be to busy to to do Home inspections .