Moisture Intrusion

The home is 7 years old.

Is the moisture staining by the floor & poured wall from?

A) Potential block in footer drains?

B) From the small gap between the floor & wall?

C) Old moisture, no need to worry?

I used a meter and was about 18 to 20%.

How would you report this condition?


111008 028 (Small).jpg

111008 028 (Small).jpg

111008 028 (Small).jpg

111008 029 (Small).jpg

I see effloressence on the concrete in pic#2. It looks to be recent, within a year or two, so I would report - Moisture appears to be weeping thru from outside, further evaluation is called for, then elaborate on possible sources.:slight_smile:

I agree.

Looks like a cold pour crack that seeps. Was the sump pump pit full of water or was it running allot.

Recommend evaluation. Thats all you can do without speculating too much.

There was no sump