Moisture stains floor/walls

Home built in 2005, pored concrete foundation.

In the basement at the floor between the attached garage and basement there was discoloration and moisture readings above 30%. The sump pump crock was dry and no active moisture noted at walls, grading and roof drainage was good.

My thoughts are that the drain stacks were in close proximity and there may be a drain broken or improperly sealed under the floor, what are your thoughts?

Secondly, numerous stains at walls that were at seams, no active moisture. My thoughts was water was forced through when built and there may have been to much water in the mix.

What are your thoughts?

157210 030 (Small).jpg

157210 038 (Small).jpg

157210 035 (Small).jpg

Wall stain could have been prior leak above-the-wall,roof/garage and has been repaired…? If so it could have caused stain on floor/same area.

May have been prior (ongoing) problem w/stack-pipe too or could be what your thinking.

Do most-all of those seams look the same?
Does any part of the floor look like it was replaced?(around the stack or along edge of wall) i can`t tell from here.

John, yes most of the seams look the same on the walls

None of the floor was patched and the discoloration was located around the main drain stack and perimeter of garage and basement.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my post, I appreciate your knowledge and opinions.