Moisture Management in Basements

Good article here.

Last line says it all.

There is too much evidence that traditional moisture management practices are not working with 21st Century materials and the desired outcomes of sustainability and green building. It is time to embrace new ideas and employ better moisture management practices.

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Building professionals and building code tend to lean towards waterproofing and sealing alone. However, venting and drainage play a critical role in a total solution, and they should not be omitted if a long term, low (or no) maintenance outcome is desired. If the drainage material and the moisture management system are of the right design, drainage, venting and temperature can be successfully addressed with one system. The bonus is that little or no maintenance will be required.

I took the course on Mold Management in Buildings and this is exactly why I don’t like minimum codes. Building as a system is the only approach that works to eliminate moisture or water intrusion issues. You still can have a building that followed to the letter the code and have moisture issues right after Occupancy without the proper mold management.
This is where you consult the proper authority not Code Officials or Commercial Building Contractors.

Thanks for the link … it is a good article.

But keep in mind it’s from the CEO of a foundation waterproofing products company, who wants to sell products … including ones related to interior french drain systems. Also keep in mind that current model codes only require exterior foundation waterproofing and foundation drains for poor site/soil conditions or below grade finished space (see IRC R405.1 & R406.2 … a position I happen to agree with), and they don’t anticipate basements may be later finished.

That being said, here is a good quote from the article …

Studies have shown that over 90% of basement moisture problems relate to poor roof drainage and site grading (yes, the model codes have very specific requirements for that). Very important to check on a home inspection. And I agree that dehumidification of any basement is a good idea.

For the other 10% (poor soils, high groundwater, etc) exterior foundation drains and waterproofing combined with interior french drains are a good option for finished basements, due to the extremely high cost of making typical basement wall/floor construction water tight (only done for some commercial applications with special concrete mixes, additional reinforcement, regularly spaced joints with sliding tie dowels and waterstops, etc … see ACI-350) … and forget about trying to make block foundation walls water tight. Plus the typical exterior foundation wall tar coating is only “dampproofing” … it’s not the same as “waterproofing” which is missed sometimes.

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Self serving inside system bullshttt,period. ](,)](,)](*,) ](,)](,)](*,)
Step 1,2,3…lolol
How does any of those STOP-PREVENT water from continuing to enter any of these? #-o#-o#-o#-o#-o#-o#-o

Good article? Shtt man, any decent article that-long should have include photo’s like these,links-facts that Fairfax County,Army Corps of Engs,Yoder Builders etc.

John when you are talking city property digging trenches outside a foundation wall may not be practical $$$.

What you never mention is cost.

How much to dig up a trench around and entire 120 year old grey stone with stone foundation make repairs to the 2 flat surrounded by sidewalk and rebuild ?

Notice please that the title is not waterproof but is…MOISTURE MANAGEMENT.:slight_smile:

Best yet on moisture management.
It starting in Montreal.
I repaired seen a few like this.
Nice Linas. Great for the vault. Thanks.:slight_smile:

I completely agree with all above discussion. Traditional moisture management is not working with the current material. Innovation is required for developing new methods for moisture management. Basement is an important part of home and its moisture free state is highly required. As far as modern methods for moisture control concerns,i think basement waterproofing can be a good way to make basement water free and so in turn moisture free.
Check out more at:

How much to dig up a trench around and entire 120 year old grey stone with stone foundation make repairs to the 2 flat surrounded by sidewalk and rebuild ?
Unquantifiable number without size and in depth foundation knowledge.
First new born should cover it.

Interior French drainage is catching on in Montreal BOB.
If the land is appropriately sloped and window wells and placement drainage on the exterior, in brings down the cost.

Extended cost decreased prophet and or lower saleability comes from improper unit maintenance practices. RIGHT? :slight_smile:
BOB stop think like a broker. HA HA HA

Practical? lol
So, just install a DUMB SHTT water management system eh and don’t think of possible FURTHER damage to blocks,joints,wall.
Here, water management system previously installed…just for you peeps. Water still entering,more mold and efflorescence and g dammmitttt,cracks W I D E N I N G all because…shttt for brains didn’t want to remove/relieve the CAUSE(s) of the cracks,the causes of wall bowing in,the causes of why-where water was and still is entering which is freaking why there is mold,efflorescence…all for over $15,000!!!

Exterior waterproofing would have cost LESSS for krrrist sake.

2 of your dearly beloved inside system companies told this 80+ year old lady she needed to spend $10,000 and $15,000 for an interior BULLSHTTT system when her ONLY g damn problem was at back corner which was fixed by my dumb azz for $875!!!

Another interior system previously installed,still leaks
How fukking PRACTICAL is it when homeowners have already SPENT $$$ on INSIDE system BULLSHTTT and continue to leak,have cracks widening or wall bowing in DUE to their incompetent,fraudulent shttt!!!

“Interior french drainage is catching on in Montreal…if land is sloped” etc
Well then, people in Montreal are getting FK’d,lied to…most problem(s) being MISREPRESENTED.
Perma Seal fk up…watch yeah sure,real money saver!!!

“What will B Dry Waterproofing do for you?”

Please explain those inside systems in photo’s above mister waterproofing-foundation guru’s,explain how much money was saved. Explain those deteriorated blocks,joints and how any inside system would help that.

Mr. Bubber.
I have worked within this very field and seen corruption, misleading information, total greed’
I have also witnessed solid companys that know there trade.
As for the elderly home owner.
I have witnessed company’s that pray souly upon reaping a higher finantial reward from the most vulnerable portion of our society.
If you have*** solid evidence*** then make the proper authorities aware of the situations. .
All I can say is to you sir is use your energy’s wisely.
Promote your fact based findings to the ones whom need it most.
Good luck sir.
Moisture management in foundations is a science and is now being seen as such.

Let’s see, 33 years IN this trade…nothing else so, people who tell me they know as much or more than my dumb az on THIS subject ARE full of shtt. Those who recommend inside system companies and their misleading,often fraudulent misrepresentations as to why-where most basements leak aren’t doing their clients (HI’s etc) any damn good and should be held accountable for recommending bullshttt due to their own incompetence or self gain/fraud…and i know some right cheer.
“Know their trade”? How the hell can inside systems companies know this trade when ALL they recommend are inside systems? The photo’s are proof,period.
Bubba’s lil TIP for those HI’s and others who THINK they understand this subject and go ahead and open their pie hole and recommend inside system co’s or other stupid-moronic-myths…shut up,don’t say anything and there won’t be a possibility of getting sued or losing yer fee.
Have a nice day.

PS: I am not talking about block walls.
No CMU should ever go under ground. That is opinion only.
I am sorry if you are miffed.
Sorry the world changes and new systems are tried.
Before arguing with anyone about the new systems being implemented on homes, Go talk to the ones involved installing them.

Water running through a wall can destroy that wall.
Water is the strongest solvent in the world and is well known for its power .
Just look at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls this was at lake Ontario at one time ,
this all happened one drop at a time .

First line of defence on the inside wall.:smiley:
Im sure John will be along soon.

I have no doubt in my mind that John is an invest home inspector with a lifetime of dedication in the field.
I am also skeptical when chemicals, membrane, interior drainage and other quick fixes are used on one of the most important pieces of the structure.
To me the back fill component( clean aggregate the height of the void and 3 feet wide ) with geo- fabricate being used as a barrier so the soil does not mingle with the aggregate in conjunction with the above mentioned shields or chemicals, will give greater longevity to any foundation system.
As for CMU and foundations.
We are into the 2100 century and have enough studies and facts to understanding that, that building technique for foundations is a cheep methodology. Period!!!
CMU’s; Below grade or-above grade the lateral forces in conjunction with moisture will permit a faster degrading of its components.
The masonry bedding being the first to stress.
Just an opinion.

Key word.

First line of
Second is to seal all large cracks with epoxy resin.
Third is to dig up the foundation if water persists.
Work from the inside out and you will stop the moisture migration.:smiley:

Am not a home inspector but rather a foundation-waterproofing contractor.

Here’s a couple of quick reasons why xypex would NOT solve these leaks,lateral pressure problems.
First 9 photo’s…
So what happens IF and when xypex is used on anything like this? Hmm,it still leaks.

First 5 photo’s, inside system etc previously done with SUPPOSED lifetime guarantee…still leaking and wall bowing in…doing shtt on the inside will never relieve/remove/lessen exterior cause(s) of cracks,leaks,wall bowing in

Same here…poured wall. Inside crap previously done…$5,700,still leaks and cracks widening and wall bowing in more since knotheads were there.
What good would xypex do on any of these…? N U T T I N,period.

And ummm…what about this house? lolol
2 different leaks/areas.
Underground root against wall/crack…yeah maybe xypex would stop this leak for awhile but anymore weight/pressure/movement can pop open any part of a crack thus causing it to re-leak…and again some walls bow in,poured too.
OTHER area/back…see inside photo and then outside under deck,lolol!
M O R O N S!
Shtt man, this cost/both areas somewhere around $1,500.

How about all that TAR along driveway-house.
Did it fix the problem? Did it stop the water from entering? N O P E!
Dipshtts just kicked the can down the road is all,buyer got FK’D…happens often.
Just like our DUMB,LAME,CORRUPT FKG G’ment,kicks the shtt down the road.