Moisture Management of Below-Grade Construction "Basement"

Interesting read for all that inspect Basements.

It doesn’t cost much more to waterproof the walls and backfill correctly on new homes, sheesh! So drop the friggin patio etc in your budget/plans if you don’t have the cash to waterproof.

Agree where he says, about 85% of labor time is conducted etc that has no understanding on this-subject.
Just like this Marcel…

I would never recommend covering, hiding the inside of foundation walls with a membrane of other CRAP many inside system companies use, nonsense! Do sht right on the outside and you don’t need anything on the inside walls to direct water

The best drain tile is pvc or clay, NOT 'flexible perforated tile, that’s weak, cheap and often will crush when backfilling is done. Not for Bubba. (Says,a structural engineer should ,oversee it? lol, well yeah ok, if its inside system dorks etc then YES, anyone OTHER than them would be better)

Build,waterproof walls/basements as if they were a dang submarine, don’t hear about them leaking much…eh, got milk?

IF a submarine was to take on water, would anyone recommend installing an interior system…huh? lol

Oh yeah, one more important thing…B Dry and most other inside system companies (Mid Atlantic etc) have often stated the OPPOSITE of what Bubba has said and what this guy says, about 1/2 way down…The EXTERIOR of basement walls should be waterproofed.
B Dry etc says NO. Way too many homeowners, some in duh media etc actually believe the GARBAGE that comes out of these inside system owners,salespeople mouths.