Some home inspectors do not understand basement waterproofing

… quite a few HERE,do… but holy moly lollll these peeps do not

and this lolll

they sprayed the inside w/a silicone based sealant lollll 2 biggie coats $10,000 in 2007!!

this guy said, they could have had NEW DRIVEWAY that would have prevented water issues!! lolll
doesn’t surprise Unc Bubb’s… jezuz , claiming n apparently believing a new driveway will PREVENT moisture issues in basements, wow + dumb as could be on this subject

then another chimes in and wonders why they didn’t call B Dry! lollllll

and another says they could have applied Xypex, ha!!

Should have called a good Nachi inspector, too bad a Nachi member didn’t chime in on that forum and ummm, wake em up, got milk? ( yeah yeah some HI’s won’t knock others, i say that is very WEAK) lol

Oh well what ya know, a couple good responses here, a couple not so good… eh