Moisture splashes up past weep screed, penetrates interior dry wall?


I am buying my first home and doing inspections now. Looking for some advice on the source of the water stains in the living room near the base boards. It seems that water splashed up from the un-terminated downspout, went past the weep screed, and soaked into the wall frame and interior drywall.

Pictures here :

Is this large gap between stucco normal?
Is it a problem that the wood is not on top of the slab?
How can I seal this?
Are there structural concerns?

John C.

It is hard to tell from pictures, often.

What was your inspector’s opinion?

Many experienced inspectors get an inspection when they buy a home .
You as a novice could be making a huge mistake not getting a home inspection to buy your home .
You also could learn much by doing that .

As others have said, I hope that you have hired a certified HI to do a full inspection.

No, that gap is not normal; looks like the sole plate was not located properly.

Make sure that sprinkler head is pointed away from the house. I once inspected a house with stucco and a sprinkler located in a corner, and it soaked the house regularly and water got in just like in your first pic.

Who cares why? Could be a # of things. You found an obvious problem. Now the ball is in the contractor’s court to diagnose the problem and fix accordingly. This isn’t a contractors/repair forum.