Weep screed covered by patio bricks...Need advice

The stucco was kind of blistering off…I could not find any evidence of a
water pipe being broke on the inside of the house. Then I notice that the
weep screed was covered up by a brick patio and the area was very wet.
Water was accumulating against the stucco from heaving rains…and the water sprinklers sprayed against the house when turned on…Definitely
the water was not able to drain…Please take a look at these pictures and
let me know what you think…

I think you pretty much said it…

Right on the money!

sounds good

Turn on the dryer :slight_smile:

“kind of” blistering off may be a tad bit (sarc) of an understatement. Sounds “kind of” like you don’t want to be too harsh in your assessment. This can inadvertently convey to your customer the wrong impression about the severity of a problem.

Good call on the weep screee, and as Doug said some of the “extra” words should be removed if that is the language in your report.

" Recommend that the weep screed be uncovered…bla bla bla"