Moisture stain under kitchen sink

any sugestions the flooring has no moisture or stains.

DSCF0008 (Small).JPG

Just a few questions

Is there a dishwasher near by? Is the wall in question an exterior wall? Is there any evidence of existing, or former plumbing leaks, and/or repairs?

If the water that seeped in was clean there may not be any stains on the basement floor. This looks like water has wicked up the panel. Either that or the panel was relocated from another area?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

There is a dishwasher on the opposite side and there is an oven on the side with the moisture stain. No ist’s not an external wall it’s the side.

Is it mouse pee?

Sorry Earl I could not resist after seeing the mouse trap in the pic.

I would report the mositure stain and advise the client to ask the current owner about it and/or have plumber insvestigate the stain further.

In the limited amount of time during our visual inspection we will not be able to diagnose every condition. If you guess and write your guess down, and you are wrong, you may test either your negotiating skills or your insurance coverage.

Is Mamma Mop happy?

Is it near the fridge? I had one where the fridge defrost drain pan was missing causing a small but regular puddle under the fridge. I only noticed it after seeing the rotted sub-flooring in the basement under the area.

the fridge is no way close by.

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Earl; Is it possiible that the floor was washed down to many times and water just wicked up this material which looks like a particle board with imitation finish. This type of material is known for wicking moisture up to this extreme.

Did you feed the mouse on his trap while you were there? ha. ha. .


i’ve replaced about a bazillion sink cabinet floor in my life, but never a cabinet wall. is it posible that this is an old stain that ruined the floor and the owner replaced the floor but not the wall? with enough damage the floor would have colapsed and the wall would only show the wicking you see now.

Great thinking! I’ll go with that.