Signs of Moisture on living room drywall...need advice

This was the only area…about 3 feet, where the wall meets the floor.
I didnt see any signs of water coming thru a near window, or ceiling.
The water sprinklers did spray the outside wall in the area of concern
on the inside of the house. Do you think the water could be wicking
from the outside to the inside ? Its a slab foundation and the grounds
were soaked from the water sprinklers be ran to frequently.

That is a very good possibility if you couldn’t find any other signs.

What did the Outside wall look like and are they EIFS or Stucco.

Is that EIFS? Is the problem area under the window? There might be larger problems there if that’s coming through the exterior finish and only showing up at the bottom. Just google EIFS damage and you’ll be amazed how much damage can go on without visible signs. CYA

Didn’t look like a moisture stain to me. Looked more like crinkled paper. The molding wasn’t stained at all. Did you test it with a moisture meter?

If you just pull lose the carpet and reset it after you are done. The carpet tack strips will give you some additional inforamtion (the degree of rust, staining, mold growth and outside dirt). Also you can try to track the leak down with a moisture meter.

thanks everybody

Agree, Looks like the drywall was bent during installation. Moisture reading would have been good.