Wisconsin stucco problem

A home had a leak and damaged good amount of stucco. Being that it was all aging, it was all totally removed and a completely new stucco job was done and all leaks were successfully repaired.

Now it is a year later and the stucco seems to be absorbing moisture from the atmosphere and brownish moisture stains are showing up in randon places on the stucco.

Moisture meter shows very high moisture in those areas. If one dries a spot with a hair dryer it will came back dry, s soon as you mist it water it sucks it up and the staining returns.

Anyone have an idea of what’s going on here and why?


Do you by chance have any pictures?


I’ll see if I can get some.

Do you know if it has unpainted lime finish?

I know it is unpainted with color mixed into the stucco.

I’m checking as a favor for another inspector and maybe he will join us soon. I am awaiting is reply and pictures.

Hard to tell without a picture but remember that stucco is porous and will absorb moisture and is designed to. If it’s cracked and there’s staining in the cracks, that’s another ball game. Using a moisture meter on stucco doesn’t really tell you anything because again, stucco is designed to absorb some moisture and you have no idea what the moisture barrier looks like beneath the stucco. Sounds like thermal imaging from the inside would be a better alternative to look for moisture intrusion.


Maybe the moisture barrier looks like some of these!