Moisture Testing Insurance

Just found out after several years of moisture testing EIFS/Stucco/MSV that I’m only covered if done with a home inspection. Have tested million dollar homes without the home inspection, scary.
Does anyone know of a insurance company that will cover moisture test stand alone inspections.
Also call your agent and verify with them if you do stand alone moisture test.

Thanks for passing that important limitation along. Hope you didn’t discover it as a result of a claim.

You are doing home inspections. Ancillary home inspection service.
Be it paying out for a standalone EIFS/Stucco/Masonry/Sidney/Veneer error or omission or an error or omission during a home inspection. The cost to repair/replace the system is the same.

Restructure your PIA. Home Inspection Moisture intrusion analyses. Inspect and report on the Exterior and Interior connecting features.

Thank you ! Just found out it is considered a home inspection as we look at several components.