EIFS to regular stucco conversion

We’re currently househunting in central Alabama. We found a property we like but it was originally constructed in 1993 with an EIFS exterior (DriVit Reinforced, according to the county site). At some point it was converted to regular stucco. The current owners are not the owners who had this work done, so have no info for us.

We’ve done extensive reading, both here and elsewhere online, regarding EIFS and are now concerned about this conversion. I’m wondering…are we paranoid for no reason? Or is this house a can of worms us older folk don’t want to get into?

Thanks in advance for any and all input!

Hi House Hunter,

As a homeowner, not an inspector, who recently purchased a 1993 home with DriVit on 3 sides, I had some reservations also. Had it professionally inspected, moisture probes in the likely spots, etc. and it checked out ok. All I can advise is to do ALL the inspection now. Once you buy, there is no going back. Get 2 professional inspections, thermal imaging, etc. - whatever it will take to give YOU comfort. I am not sure on your market - buyers or sellers market, but don’t rush in. We are in a competitive area so I had to jump the gun a bit. Still wonder if everything is fine behind the DriVit, but hey - you want guarantee? buy new… :slight_smile:
As for a conversion to regular stucco - can’t help you there -but hopefully an inspector with experience can provide guidance. So far everyone on this forum has been great and very helpful. Good luck!

thoroughly vet a competent & qualified eifs/stucco/moisture analyst that also does home inspections
or hire the 1st to evaluate for moisture issues & proceed with home inspection if 1st gets a

i do it this way for clients all the time so they’re not out the extra $$$$$$ if it’s others problems for sale

all the best to you & yours!

Thank you both, Barry and Joe, for your replies. We’d diffinately have an inspection done by an inspector EDI certified to inspect EIFS and hard coat stucco…if we decide to put an offer in.
I guess my main concern is what, if anything, could be wrong about a conversion from EIFS to hard coat?..and would the inspection be able to find damage that may have been just covered up?:shock:

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there is no such thing as a property x-ray or other devices that can see through walls. floors, ceilings…believe me if there was i’d own it

you have to weigh expectations with fees & reality

Thanks Barry.
You know…You’d think with all our technology today that someone would invent a device to x-ray buildings…:smiley:

Barry does know and it is just not to that pointe yet.

Any pictures?