Mold & Allege

Home has vinyl siding lots of green/black mold and allege on surface. Any suggestions on ways to remove and prevent it from returning. (Allgeside of some sort?) The owner says she has it power washer every 2 years especially on north side.

This is a company that I have referred for many years.

Phenomenal results on all surfaces without damage to the vegetation or structure as the process is naturally based chemicals applied at low pressure.

They are based out of Gap, PA and service your area.

Before and After examples…

I would start by getting rid of the vinyl siding :cool: (I hate that stuff).

Thanks for posting back, getting rid of siding is not really an option for me to suggest to the home owner right now :slight_smile: As for a company to come out, they wanted to do it themselves and wanted my so called professional opinion on what I would do, I just wasn’t sure what was best, I know what can work but what was best (to sound professional)

Replace it with One Coat Stucco…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :shock:


I only recommend Professional Solutions and Repairs.

Homeowner attempts at repair are generally what leads to the initiation of a call in the first place…

Replace it with One Coat Stucco…:grin: :grin: :grin: :shock:

NO! A good stucco job!:mrgreen: