Mold Assesment help

Good afternoon. I need a bit of clarification as I have a potential client and a company that is referring me a good bit of business regarding mold assesment companies. One, it is my understanding that any one performing mold assesment must carrier $1 million in GL and E&O coverge as stated by:

468.8421 Insurance.–
(1) A mold assessor shall maintain general liability and errors and omissions insurance coverage for both preliminary and post-remediation mold assessment insurance coverage of at least $1 million.
(2) A mold remediator shall maintain a general liability insurance policy in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 that includes specific coverage for mold-related claims.

My potential client is saying that something is/has recently changed to this regard? and that this requirement may now be lower? that is question one.

The other question is actually to other insurance agents? who has this coverage as I either would like to see if I can have access to this market or be able to help our mutual clients and send you a referral.
Thanks, and I hope all are doing well.

No changes have been made that I am aware of. I have the coverage through the inspector pro program.

No official changes have been made on the State’s website @:
Maybe give them a call just to be sure though?

Thank you.

Keep in mind to become a mold assessor in Florida besides taking the test and having at least one year of experience you have to have a 2 year degree in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, or a related field of science.