Florida Mold

Looking forward to this class. :wink:

Mold class for Florida now??? Or the InterNACHI mold course. Are you a licensed mold assessor in Florida? Good luck:D

Insurance alone makes a deal breaker. f- that…I could have grandfathered but did not want to share a min of a 1/4 of the revenue with the ins guy. Yes it is only my guesstimate :slight_smile:

Need a million of E&O for assessor’s license.
I have it bundled with inspection liability & E&O.
With a small $1500 deductible, I pay $2572.44 this coming year.

Policy Period: 1/11/2015 to 1/11/2016
Retro Date: 1/11/2011 – Per certificate on file with the company
Limits: $1,000,000/$1,000,000 Commercial General Liability Limit – Occurrence / Aggregate
$1,000,000 /$1,000,000 Professional Liability – Each Claim Limit / Aggregate Limit
Deductibles: $250 Per Claim – General Liability
$1,500 Per Claim – Professional (E&O) Liability
Optional Endorsements:
X Mold Inspections Carbon Monoxide Inspections
X Termite Inspections X Wind Mitigation Inspections
Septic System Inspections Code Inspections
X Pool and Spa Inspections WA Extending Reporting Endorsement
Lead Inspections Independent Contractors
Radon Inspections Mortgage Field Services
EIFS Inspections X Limited Additional Insured – Referring Party
X Blanket Additional Insured

From Florida Mold - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f73/florida-mold-96683/#ixzz3MHlZCC6N

Just remember:
468.8421 Insurance.—
(1) A mold assessor shall maintain general liability and errors and omissions for both preliminary and post remediation mold assessment insurance coverage of at least $1 million.

In case the state ever get it’s head out of it’s butt and does an audit.

after 8 years our insurance has dropped from about $9,000 to about $5,500, but we have to carry $2 million for many of our clients

Excellent class. Thanks I’ll come back again soon.

Remember guys you should only be doing any kind of mold inspection or sampling if you are a mold assessor. Also even if you are you have a requirement not to waste the clients money. Meaning you need the proper test and run it for the proper time as well as it is your responsibility to write the remediation protocols. These are only a few things you are responsible for.

I thought NACHI members are exempt from the requirement to be a mold assessor when performing mold inspections in conjunction with a home inspection.

I think any home inspector in Florida can conduct mold sampling… as long as it is in conjunction with a home inspection.
You cannot do it as a stand alone service call without an assessor’s license.

That’s what I thought.

I have to say the insurance industry may be doing a better job of protecting the consumer than those that profess to help, when all they want is the money.

“half a#### mold inspection is just that, a half a#### mold inspection”
Mold inspection report should identify the source, extent and location of mold also include nationally industry accepted protocols.

Florida Property & Casualty Association Opposes DBPR’s Proposed Rules 61-31.701 and 61-31.702, Minimum Standards and Practices for Mold Remediators

What would be the difference? It depends what you want your liability to be. Technically you could try to build a house with a home inspector license as well. Just make sure you have the correct insurance and comply with the GC guidelines.

If I read ya right, the difference is you can’t advertise/offer mold stuff w/o the license.
As I stated - You cannot do it as a stand alone service call without an assessor’s license.

So are you saying I can get a permit to build someone a house by complying with guidelines?

Can you?

I can build a spec home and sell it. Boom! a contractor & Realtor rolled into one.

The law says licensed home inspectors are exempt, it doesn’t say we are exempt only while also performing a home inspection.


It’s easier to get an HI license than a mold assessor license. We are thinking rather than carry someone for years until they get their MRSA license, just get the HI license and train them mold assessment. Consumers don’t know the difference until they see our inspection / report compared to the competitions.

But if we hire more people, it just means more work - yuk

Bad idea, 1100 jobs a year is enough

What section exempt home inspectors from the mold assessor law?

Can you legally perform under the contractor’s law?