Mold E&O

I was wondering if anyone currently has E&O for mold in Florida. It seems as if everyone I contact has discontinued service. They say there were too many claims.
If you have insurance have you ever had a claim, and if so, on what grounds?
Also, any leads on carriers would be greatly appreciated.

Wendy— give this guy a call I am currently chatting with him myself --good luck

Brett Byland
RISKPRO Insurance Agency, LLC

901 Waterfall Way, Suite 407
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: 972-235-3030 ext. 110
Fax: 972-235-3556
Toll Free: 866-900-7475 (RISK)

Thanks Fred! I appreciate the help

I have been corresponding with Brett at Riskpro.

The price seems cheap but, I have yet to get an answer to my question:

Does the Policy Cover E&O for POST remediation assessment not just preliminary mold assessment?

Since the Florida statute requires this, does anyone have the policy thru Lloyd’s and does it cover post remediation activities?

Florida statute: 468.8421 Insurance. (1)

A mold assessor shall maintain general liability and errors and omissions for both preliminary and postremediation mold assessment insurance coverage of at least $1 million.

I have another email from Brett at RISK PRO concerning the E&O insurance meeting the requirements of the Florida law.

Hi Doug,
We have forwarded your email to the underwriters for the Lloyd’s program and asked them to verify coverage for post remediation assessments. We will update you as soon as we receive a response.
Brett Byland
RISKPRO Insurance Agency, LLC
901 Waterfall Way, Suite 407
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: 972-235-3030 ext. 110
Fax: 972-235-3556
Toll Free: 866-900-7475 (RISK)

Mold E&O
I’ve had several calls today concerning the mold E&O for “post remediation assessment” required by the Florida law.
One fellow represented “other” insurance companies that provide the insurance required. He was contacting people around the state concerning the “problem”. He was calling the DBPR next.
It appears many home inspectors getting a mold license are paying for insurance that does not meet the Florida law requirements.
It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Glad we sent a certificate of insurance with our applications.
I learned a new description today, I like it. “pump jockey”
Hope the insurance rep has luck getting the DBPR to require everyone to prove they have the required insurance.

I just checked and it seems that my insurance meets the requirements. Here is a response I received from my agent:

The policy provides post remediation coverage for post cleaning and  collection of samples in the areas designated for remediation.   I also  provides coverage for clearance  testing that determines the success of  the mold remediation efforts inside the containment areas of record.

[FONT=Verdana]If you are interested, here is his contact information:

[/FONT]Jorge Malave, Jr.
Synergy Professional Associates, Inc.
135 Kinnelon Rd. Ste 102
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
In California:
DBA- Synergy Professional Insurance Brokers License # OF22479
P) 973-995-0500 Ext. 3928
F) 973-995-0533

Since many mold spores do not go airborne unless disturbed, drastic humidity change, etc. Most mold assessors will not issue clearance without a visual inspection AND air sampling. If you do the inspection (visual), there comes the liability. You may be covered for air sampling which alone is not clearance. But most do not call air sampling an assessment, just part of it.
Since the law says:

Didn’t see post remediation testing in the statute.
It will be interesting to see the standard of practice and also see the mold assessors defend the air sampling as “clearance”.

Just because you want something to be true, don’t make so. Back it up with the facts, and ask another mold insurance company.

Just saying, Don’t pay for something you don’t have. The insurance companies know the difference from inspection / assessment and air sampling.

It’s 6pm, going home
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Thanks Robert- I’ll give them a call.

Go to
There is a link for Mold E & O.
The cost is $1836.oo per year for the $1M
You pay $465 down and then pay the rest out.