Mold Assessor for NY Home Inspections

If someone can offer some clarification on this I would appreciate it. I called the NY DOS and they had no knowledge of any mold assessor requirements. I then called the department of Labor and they told me there are indeed requirements for NY home inspectors to also pass required courses for mold assessment. Do all NY home inspectors need to be mold assessors or only the ones that hold themselves out as doing full blown mold inspections? Its a bit confusing, I think most of you will agree. Thanks, Aristotle

Here is the link to Department of Labor web page :

I’ve been scratching my head over this one too but it reads to me as if you only need the license if you will be advertising that you inspect for mold.

It’s not only advertising, it’s also performing a mold assessment when doing a home inspection. Mold sampling is considered an assessment, and it appears that NY does not have the exemption for less than 10sq ft of visible mold. I would get the license if you offer mold inspections…the extra training won’t hurt either.

If you do any type of sampling you need a lic and ins

To my understanding, you can state that a mold like substance is noticeable and recommend a mold assessor for testing.That’s if you are not licensed.