Nick, Are you going to do the same for Mold inspections?


You set up Florida NACHI to cover home inspections. Are you going to set up Florida IAC2 for mold inspections? The Grandfathering clause for mold inspections in the final bill:

468.8423 Grandfather clause.— 959
(1) A person who performs mold assessment or mold 960 remediation as defined in this part may qualify for licensure to 961 be licensed by the department as a mold assessor or mold 962 remediator if the person submits his or her application to the 963 department by March 1, 2011, whether postmarked or delivered by 964 that date, and if the person: meets the licensure requirements 965 of this part by July 1, 2010. 966
(a) Is certified as a mold assessor or mold remediator by 967 a state or national association that requires, for such 968 certification, successful completion of a proctored examination 969 on mold assessment or mold remediation, as applicable, and 970 completes at least 60 hours of education on mold assessment or 971 at least 30 hours of education on mold remediation, as 972 applicable; or

I believe Florida InterNACHI is.