DBPR awards InterNACHI Founder a Mold Assessors license...

…using only InterNACHI’s mold-related courses.

InterNACHI… #1 in Mold Training.

Just goes to show you that any yahoo can get a license

Thank you InterNACHI!


You’re saying that anyone with access to NACHI’s on line course … who has never come closer to a mold inspection than ordering mushrooms on a pizza … can be a licensed mold inspector in Florida?

Who bought THAT law?

Thank you Nick.

I like mushrooms on my pizza, can I have one too?

The whole system is a joke. Someone who lives 2000 miles away can get a license to practice mold in this state.

I found InterNACHI’s mold-related courses to be very comprehensive. Thanks InterNACHI!

Omitting the personal details, would you share the application format you presented?

NACHI was proctoring exams all over this country for anyone to get a Florida License.

The biggest joke is that a clerk in the state office that issues the license (who graduated high school last year) can take a few online courses, pay a fee, and open up a shop charging half of what you do … and have a license that looks just like yours.:D:D

Isn’t licensing a wonderful thing?

LOL…I love it. I tell EVERYONE what a scam the license is! I just hope it makes them stop and THINK about it.

C’mon guys, it’s not like I didn’t deserve a license.

Having written the most government-approved mold course in the industry, written numerous articles about mold, Founded IAC2, a trade association which deals mostly with mold, authored a popular book on mold inspections, and carry $2 million dollars worth of mold insurance… I can understand why the state issued me a mold assessors license.

My remarks, as I am sure you know, are directed toward the folly of creating a “magic credential” called* a license* that is supposed to provide some poor, unsuspecting consumer with some level of assurance about something that doesn’t really exist.

I know. And you’re right on that count for sure.

I got my “Magic Mold Credential” -------- I feel empowered!

Did you get it by taking InterNACHI’s courses like I did?

I think NACHI courses are great, that is why I have our new guys join NACHI. We will never be home inspectors but the more you know the better job you do.
I would also never consider one of our people a Mold Inspector until they pass an ACAC “real” procotored test and was certified by ACAC; but that’s just me and takes a couple of years. :slight_smile:
My grandson got his first fishing license last week - so now he is a fisherman.

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Yes I did Nick ------ As a matter of fact, I took two of the courses twice and used the “different date” Certificates as my credentials… ALL NACHI, didn’t need anything else!