Mold Bathroom Popcorn Ceiling

I have no exhaust fan in my bathroom. I try to avoid long periods of steam and vapors trapped in the bathroom without a window or door ajar. I used Concorbium to try to remove the mold stains from popcorn ceiling. I did not test the spots to verifty it is mold. Do you guys have any thoughts other than installing an exhaust fan. What can I do other than Concorbium as it didn’t work too well either.


Concorbium kills the fungi by encapsulating and crushing it.
It will not remove the stains. Use Kilz to hide the stains then repaint.
In addition, a good dehumidifier may help.

Hi Mike, by no means am I an expert,. I would first remove the popcorn texture and let it dry out. Maybe run a fan in there to help it dry. Check the attic side of ceiling, if all is ok, install a good exhaust fan and try to expel that moist air to the outside. Once dry, apply Kilz and paint. Good luck.

Concorbium, Kilz, repaint, and install fan is the way to go. Thanks.

Good stuff but even vinegar is more effective.
Try a product named shockwave, even hospitals use it :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yep, vinegar will change the pH so much that the mold can’t live there.