Mold credentials?

One of my realtors has found a local remediation company. I was curios so I called them, they had never heard of IAC2, They stated they are certified by “Members of the National Association of Mold Professionals” with no other certs. Is this enough for me to recommend them? Sounds rather fishy.

Thanks, Karl

Ummm…actually they’ve probably been around for quite awhile. Do some research and you’ll find some useful information on both. Don’t discard them out of hand without doing due diligence.

Sorry for the late reply! I do not personally recommend people as a rule. I guess I fear if they screw up I will be remembered some way shape or form. At the very least you may mention them but let them know it is not a recommendation.


It’s not fishy at all.

I’m thinking of joining this org. I think that they are reputable.